Saturday, April 28, 2012


When I was young my mother started an exercise program called "XBX's."  XBX was an abbreviation for "Ten Basic Exercises." It was designed by the Air Force, a graduated program to increase strength and endurance for basic muscle groups, including legs, shoulders and middle.  My mother wasn't too enthusiastic about the exercises, and the book became mine. I never made much progress through the program, but it was easy to memorize the first few days in the program, and easy to do them.  No equipment required, and in 10 minutes I could check off exercise for the day.

The funny part is that I will do almost anything rather than the exercises.  I'll do an hour of yardwork, and say that I've already done my exercises.  Or a couple hours of shopping. Vacuuming.  Painting the deck rails.  Weeding.  You get the idea.

Having the exercise program does help keep me fit, if only to avoid doing them.  Can I be contrary or what?  And not only with exercises.  God certainly has a lot of work to do with me.  Thankfully He is very patient.

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  1. I don't like exercise either. My husband tugs me out to walk with him every afternoon. This evening I felt like we were walking forever. I asked how long it had been; he said we'd walked for 13 minutes. Ack!