Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Unemployment hangs over your head like an oppressive dark gray cloud.  How do you get out from under it?  Spend hours completing online applications, never to hear anything back.  Read the classified newspaper listings, where there may be ten listings, including management executives, computer programmers, plumbers, preschool teachers, and help for assisted living places. Either not qualified or something that would drive a person crazy.

Why does God allow people who are willing to work, and not too picky about how much they earn, to remain unemployed?  Is that fair?  No.  "Life isn't fair," as we have heard before.  Is life still good?  Yes, actually.  I have yardwork and home improvement projects to keep me busy for a long time.  So far we have some savings. And we have been able to stay out of the hospital. Despite a temptation to worry, we must cling to the knowledge that God is good, He knows all about it, and is wiser than we are.  Thank you, Lord.


  1. Nice to hear someone being so positive about unemployment. Sometimes I find it difficult to persuade myself that it is just temporary.

  2. Just finding you through A-Z. I don't see a way to follow you...? I love your view...God. It's encouraging to find other believers in the blogging world! Would like to stay in touch. Come visit me in my Ballpark (just click my name) and see if we can connect. Nice to find you!