Wednesday, April 25, 2012


There's a view from my window of trees, grass, rocks, distant hills and far distant mountains.  I could spend hours watching the birds, flowers, grass and wind. 

My previous home also had a view, with vineyards, a country road, and the local cats and chickens (and a random boy or two)  (What's he doing in that tree?!).  Another place I lived had a city view, of tops of houses and trees, and extravagant sunsets.  My life has been blessed with homes with views. You'd think I'd get down to it and paint them.

I could say something philosophical about views "broadening your horizon" and therefore your thinking.  Actually you can get that from watching chickens (or young boys) with a lot more laughs.

The views are lovely, but I didn't learn about beauty so much from the views as from the art prints my mother would hang on the walls at home. 

What is the great thing about views then?  It does rest the eyes, and therefore the mind.  And I may have learned something in writing this.

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