Saturday, April 21, 2012


I am amazed at the beauty and variety of sunsets. Glorious, colorful, brightly lit sunsets. Not every evening, but often. I love to watch them, and I have taken way too many sunset pictures.  But have you noticed that every sunset is new and different?  They have different cloud patterns, different reflections of varying bright colors painted across the sky, sometimes iridescent, sometimes muted.  And always changing:  no re-takes!

And if I move to get a  better vantage point, it's completely different there.  If you think about it, the view of the sunset across town right now is different from the view from here.  Different colors, different shades. And it's different in the next town, and across the state.  It's not the same sunset that was seen a few thousand miles away. They had a different display. Every place in the world gets their own unique sunset movie every night. 

Meanwhile, at any time of the day, the sun is setting somewhere. An almost infinite variety of sky drama is happening in progression around the world.  Is this mind-boggling to you as it is to me?

The Creator who is having all this fun making sunsets, all across the world, every night, is the same Creator who loves you and me more than His sunsets or any physical thing. That is also mind-boggling, amazing, glorious. (Note to self: remember this.) 


  1. i love watching sunsets. ::)
    Happy A-Zing!

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