Saturday, April 7, 2012

Grace happens

Grace happens.  God takes joy in graciously giving us happy surprises.

Many people do not know God. If you don't know God, you may not understand this post, but it's for especially for you.  A gift, a clue to finding true peace and happiness.

First, know that God is the source of everything good: peace, joy, love, hope, kindness, patience.  Then, knowing God personally brings that underlying knowledge and feeling that everything will ultimately be right. 

In the end, God who is good, will win over the bad.  That's because he is more powerful than anything else.  He allows, but doesn't like evil.  Why does one who is good allow evil?  He wants us to be able to make our own choice in our every moment, every day.  However, people often choose the bad thing.  Those bad choices throw the world into the control of evil, and we get consequences worse than we thought we would.  We've all seen this, right?

Despite all our wrong choices, God gives us some excellent surprises:  sunsets, good news from a friend, a hug from a dear one, penicillin, an unexpected check.  Hey, be thankful for whatever it is.

I'm afraid this is a heavy post, and if you've read this far, I commend you.  Wanted to make sure you knew.  Any questions?  Contact me, or someone you know who knows God.


  1. Oh yes. Every day, I appreciate nature and the way beauty shine shrough the sky. I often think of those oppressed people around the world and wonder if they see the same aspect.

  2. Very appropriate post for Easter weekend. :) Lovely post!

  3. Beautiful post... God does give us graceful surprises :)

  4. Lovely--and very important--post. I also blogged about grace. :)