Monday, April 23, 2012


I am so happy! My taxes are done. Happy bunny dance!

It is such an ordeal every year, and I am too stubborn to believe I can't do this. So every year I start early and spend time on taxes, for an hour a day or until I get a headache, whichever comes first.  This year I finished by the end of March with both federal and state taxes.  Phew.

Have they always had taxes? Did they have taxes at the time of Christ's life on earth? They did, as we know from the Bible.  Peter asked Jesus if they were going to pay Caesar's tax. Peter was a fisherman. Jesus told him to catch a fish, which Peter did. The fish Peter caught had a coin in its mouth that was enough to pay the taxes for two people. Jesus told him to take the coin to pay for Peter's and Jesus' taxes.

A small miracle.  Enough to make you smile, or breathe a sigh of relief if you care about the people involved. 

Jesus taught and practiced obedience to the proper authorities. (This continues to be a real challenge for Christians, especially the more rebellious ones.)

But God provided, as He has a way of doing, for those who trust Him.

I've known God long enough to be comfortable with the idea of paying taxes, even if I don't appreciate what the "authorities" decide to do with them.  So I'm happy that our tax returns are completed again this year.  And, happily, although we need to send in money, at least it's not going to break the bank.

We obey. God provides.


  1. Stopping in from the A to Z Challenge to say hello! And amen to finishing the taxes. God is faithful and we can trust Him!

  2. Thanks for visiting, Stephen. Your A-Z Challenge posts are interesting! The universe!