Thursday, April 26, 2012


Big purple flowered pendants decorate the pergola over my back deck. Big black bumblebees buzz among the flowers, intent on their rich harvest of pollen.  The heavy scent of purple blooms drifts through the warm spring air.  Guests admire the abundance of blossoms.

Later, in summer, the wisteria leaves protect the house from the hot morning sun. Big brown pods grow, and then explode in the heat, throwing penny-sized seeds around the deck.  Next year those seeds will try to grow anywhere they find a piece of open soil.

In autumn the leaves turn yellow and fall to the deck, allowing the cooling sun to filter through the webbing of stems down to the deck surface.

I prune and sweep and the cycle repeats.  Sometimes I resent all the work, as the wisteria plant tries to take over the world, starting with roof of my house.  But do I enjoy the flowers, the shade and the yearly predictability.

It's amazing to contemplate the creation of this thing, even these individual flowers.  They are not something I, a mere basketmaker and dyer could design. It's another reason to be in awe of our Creator God.

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  1. It is indeed amazing to see that nature can create something so beautiful and intricate. And, it doesn't complain that it has so much to do or that it gets tired. I could learn a lot from nature's attitude today. Happy Friday. If you get a minute, visit my post - I'm a bit behind and only on the "v".