Thursday, April 5, 2012


I remember the just-gathered eggs we had when we raised chickens.  There's just no comparison to store-bought eggs, which generally were refrigerated for months before being sold.  By then their taste reminded one of styrofoam. Home grown eggs were sweet and rich and soft and smooth and just made you feel good. 
Our chickens wandered around the yard, pecking at grass, bugs, sand, whatever.  It was so fun to watch them, showing their full petticoats when they bent over to peck, clucking or squawking at each other. "Um, yummy," "Hey, look out, you!"  They rushed over to see what another hen had found.  They were hilarious.
They came programmed with a whole set of behaviors, the pecking, the clucking, the making eggs.  They are one of the original natural foods.  I'm so thankful to God for creating chickens and eggs.

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  1. Fresh farm food always taste better. Eggs are the same. I love the detail in your post about the chickens showing their full petticoats. It described it exactly!