Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Painting, as art on a canvas, is difficult.  That is, for me it is.  People have told me I have talent in painting.  But it is such a struggle for me.  A struggle to decide what to paint.  How to paint it.  Even harder, how to finish a painting once started.  So, unfinished paintings hang on my walls, waiting to be completed, there for me to contemplate.  There are some that are finished, and framed, or not.  Some I really like.  But actually painting one is not something I cheerfully anticipate.

I have a disconnect with God on this point.  Of course it starts with my attitude toward painting, which is cross.  Such a big "pain" in "pain"ting.  As usual, the disconnect between me and God is on my end.  He is always there, always available, always lovingly waiting to hear from me.  Have you ever been in such a disconnect?  Time (for me, and maybe for you) to get back to His plan on this.


  1. It's a good thing to be creative and if they don't get finished then at least you made a start.
    I love to paint but I haven't done so for a while. Perhaps you could post pictures of the paintings you have finished.
    I enjoy your writing style and I suspect I would like your pictures.

  2. Hi, Nikki,
    Thanks for your encouraging words. I need to take pictures of the paintings I have finished. Thanks again,