Sunday, April 1, 2012

What do you do with ants? A trail of ants walks across my driveway, from one side to the other.  I know that if I drive over them, a bunch of them will get killed. And I have to drive that way. How else will I get my car out of my driveway? I have things I need to do, places to be, appointments to keep.
I would like to tell them, "Don't walk that way. A big car is coming, and you will die!"
I have in fact told the ants that came into my kitchen, "Go away. Stay away. I will have to wash you down the drain." But they don't go away. They keep coming. So I wash them down the drain.
Ants are like people. You can tell them things that are advantageous for them to know. But will they listen? Will they act on it? Not usually.
This is a word-picture of our relationship with God. He knows what is not good for us, and wants us to know, for our own advantage, our survival.  Do we listen? Not much. 
In fact, most people are like the ants, following each other's path, not even aware that someone much bigger and wiser is trying to communicate something important to us. 
The ants do not hear what I say. They do not even know I am there, although it's pretty clear to me. Ants have no conception that there is a human out there.  They don't know I am aware of them. They don't know I have the power to destroy them, but don't want to.  Even more, they don't know that humans invented and made things like cars, driveways, kitchens and crumbs.
It's like that with God. Most people don't know that there is someone that much more intelligent than they are who's aware of them and what they are doing.  They don't know the incredible difference in intelligence between them and this larger being. They don't know that this larger being has feelings and cares about what they are doing.  Oblivious. Busily, dumbly headed for big trouble.
Hey people, don't be like the ants.

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