Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Jazz is laughter to my soul.  It is a reflection, even a release of inner tension. After growing up with the daily background sound of classical music, and understanding its predictable patterns, the rhythms of jazz became a joy to my soul.  Syncopation, slides, soulful expressions in soft or loud, jazzy music sang the emotions of my heart.

Sometimes considered "low," "common," or "unrefined" in my home, as compared to the more architectural classical music, jazz was not commonly available to my young ears. Nevertheless, I loved it.  My favorite piano study in fourth grade included syncopated rhythm.  So fun!

Does God like jazzy music?  Of course he does!  He especially likes anything that expresses the honesty of a person's inner feelings.  Be honest, is his great request.  ("Do not be double-minded.")  An honest person knows that there's imperfection in the universe, but it's amazing that there is a God who is perfect.  He loves us, even if we are a little off-beat.

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  1. I had to pop in and check out your Jazz-post!
    I looooooove jazz! It is my favourite musical genre. I tune in to the smooth jazz channel when I'm writing.
    Jazz speaks to the soul... connects to the inner core... so yes, God LOVES jazzy music too!
    Surprisingly, my J-Post is NOT jazz...

    Thanks for swinging by my blog yesterday - I look forward to your next visit!