Sunday, June 17, 2012


Don't you love watching the stars on a clear night far from the city, as they sparkle and glitter in the air movements above our planet?  I do.
You can name a star after yourself or someone you love or admire.  Scientists label the stars by their sector in the sky or their neighborhood of stars.  Still there are millions of stars unnamed by humans. 

But God (that often-repeated phrase) knows all the stars and where they are, their life histories (are they new, old, or middle-aged?), and their futures.  Just looking at all the stars and seeing more and more of them, as my eyes get used to the light level, is mind-stretching to me.  And there are even more out there beyond what I can see, even beyond what the stongest telescope can see.  It's almost like thinking about infinity.  Yet God is seeing and understanding all of that, all the time. 

The most wonderful thing to me is that God has named all the stars.  He knows them and cares about them, and each one is important enough to Him that He has given each of them a name.

He also knows all of the people who live and have lived on the earth.  He knows our life-paths, our pasts and futures, our feelings, hopes, dreams, cares, trials, and successes. He knows our given names.  In fact, when we get to heaven, He will give us a new name.  I think that reflects a new identity, or maybe reflects the identity He sees that we have gained in our life on earth. It tells us that the life after this life will be new.  New name, new revealed identity, new future, new understanding, new life. 

I am looking forward to being in heaven and knowing much more about the stars.

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